Panoskaltsis-Mortari Laboratory


Laboratory Focus: Tissue-Organ Engineering and Biofabrication

The Panoskaltsis-Mortari Laboratory is centered on the field of regenerative medicine, which includes Tissue-Organ Enginering and Biofabrication. We study tissue engineering from stem cells using two approaches: 1. Decellularized whole organ scaffolds integrated with sophisticated bioreactors, and 2. 3D Bioprinting using extrusion, suspension, and laser-assisted techniques. Current projects aim to create lung, trachea and esophagus for transplantation, and 3D cancer models to evaluate drugs and cell therapies. Within these projects are studies on the role of extracellular matrix composition and mechanical properties in driving appropriate cell differentiation, and exploration of new strategies to vascularize bioengineered tissue. As this is highly interdisciplinary research, we accept students with various interests ranging from biomedical engineering, physiology, stem cell biology, computer science, mechanical engineering, biomaterials science, and surgery.

Our Staff

Post Doctoral Fellows
  • Fanben Meng
  • Steve Skolasinski (Pulmonary Fellow)
Laboratory Managers
  • Carolyn Meyer 
  • Daniel Sorby
Graduate Students
  • Austin Leikvoll
  • Andrej Lysak
  • Jennifer Day
  • Justin York
  • Justin Oliver
  • Nik Marinneau
  • Sophia Fitzpatric
  • Daniel Osarfo-Akoto (Med School)



    Dawn Variety Club Cardiovascular Research Center Building (DVRC 267)
    425 East River Parkway
    Minneapolis, MN 55455

    Dr. Angela Panoskaltsis Mortari

    Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari, PhD

    Department of Pediatrics
    Division of Blood and Marrow Transplant