Funding Opportunities

Internal Grants Open for Applications

Progressive Grants

STAGE 3 Due: Monday, March 16, 2020

The Department of Pediatrics Research Council is pleased to announce a new funding mechanism to provide support for impactful, innovative ideas. The competition is organized into 4 Stages, with each subsequent Stage awarding progressively larger, but fewer, grants. Each Stage will have progressively longer timelines for completion of milestones. The timelines will be strict; no extensions will be given regardless of reason. Therefore, you must plan ahead to be ready to start, and avoid delays. 

Note: Only those who received funding in Stage 2 are eligible to apply for Stage 3.

Link to RFP (Progressive Grants)

Other Opportunities

Other Opportunities

Private Foundation RFPs in Children's Health

*If you are planning on applying for any of the above Private Foundation Grants, please contact Jonna Schnettler, Director of Development at UMF, prior to submitting applications. Jonna can be reached at

Additional Open RFAs
  • NHLBI - Notice of Intent to Publish a Funding Opportunity Announcement for Career Pathway to Independence in Blood Science Award for Physician Scientists (R00 Clinical Trial Optional) - First Estimated Application Due Date January 15, 2021- SEE MORE INFORMATION ON THIS OPPORTUNITY HERE
  • Department of Defense -  CDMRP Research Funding for 2019 - SEE PRESS RELEASE HERE
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Application Period Closed

Departmental Support for Research Publication Costs

Applications are looked at on a rolling basis - Support is limited to 1 paper per fiscal year (July 1- June 30) per faculty member who is a first or senior author.

Recognizing that the costs of publication have risen significantly, especially for open access journals whose fees are mandatory, the Department of Pediatrics is pleased to offer financial support to help offset research publication fees.

Link to Application Instructions (Publication Support)

NIH Help Videos 

The NIH Peer Review Notes offer a variety of videos to help you through the application process. Click the button below to see complete list of videos.

NIH Help Videos