Center for Pediatric Obesity Medicine (CPOM)

The Center for Pediatric Obesity Medicine is an interdisciplinary research center at the University of Minnesota focusing on improving outcomes for youth afflicted with obesity and related conditions.

The Center for Pediatric Obesity Medicine has three primary aims:

  1. Provide the resources, infrastructure, and synergy to generate new knowledge and drive innovation at the intersection of lifestyle modification therapy, pharmacotherapy, device therapy, and bariatric/metabolic surgery to enhance treatment outcomes for youth afflicted with obesity and related diseases/conditions, with a strategic emphasis on precision medicine and a commitment to team science 
  2. Offer multidisciplinary training to the next generation of scientists and medical providers through structured research mentorship and educational opportunities in the field of pediatric obesity medicine
  3. Engage in advocacy efforts related to policy and guideline development to improve care delivery for youth with obesity

Collaboration in clinical care and research

The Center is partnered with the well-respected and robust comprehensive multidisciplinary Pediatric Weight Management Clinic at the University of Minnesota, which includes the Family Weight Management Program and Teen Weight Loss Surgery Program.  

Collaboration is also underway with other pediatric and research centers at the University of Minnesota, including the Center for Neurobehavioral Development and the Obesity Prevention Center.

Our Center works closely with faculty investigators spanning the health sciences to cultivate collaborative efforts and maximize synergy, working toward the common goal of developing, evaluating, and implementing innovative treatments for pediatric obesity and related diseases.

Fostering partnerships with clinical care and research also provides us the opportunity to better investigate the etiology of obesity, and identify and characterize sources of response to treatment (physiological, genetic, behavioral, psychological, etc.) to pioneer the development of personalized therapies for obesity. Precision medicine in the context of pediatric obesity management is a primary focus of our Center; learning how to better select the safest and most effective therapies for individual patients is critical to improving outcomes of obesity long term.