Congratulations to the 2017 PRESS Winners!

Oral Presentations

  • 1st - Vishal Naik - "Weight-for-Age Percentile as a Predictor of Emergency Department Outcome in a Tertiary Care Pediatric Center" 
    • Research Sponsor: Mike Pitt (Local sponsor for work done in medical school)
  • 2nd - Erin Plummer - "Preterm Body Composition Accretion through Preschool Age is Associated with Cognition"
    • Research Sponsors: Johannah Scheurer and Sara Ramel
  • 3rd - Katie Satrom - "Mild Hyperbilirubinemia Alters the Neurochemical Profile, Gene Expression, and Dendritic Arborization in the Hippocampus of Preterm Gunn Rats"
    • Research Sponsor: Raghu Rao

Selected For Oral Presentations

  • Amanda Barks - "Adult Hippocampal Transcriptome is Permanently Altered Following Fetal/Neonatal Iron Deficiency"
    • Research Sponsor: Michael Georgieff
  • Diana Wallin - "Short and Long-term Cerebellar and Striatal Metabolic Alterations due to Neonatal Phlebotomy-Induced Anemia"
    • Research Sponsor: Michael Georgieff
  • Nathan Schuldt - "Dual TCRα Expression Poses an Autoimmune Hazard by Limiting TREG Cell Generation"
    • Research Sponsor: Bryce Binstadt
  • Isuruni Sonnadara - "A Prospective Blinded Study finds that Symptomatic Breast Milk-Acquired Cytomegalovirus Infections in a High-risk NICU Population often Escape Real-time Bedside Diagnosis"
    • Research Sponsor: Mark Schleiss
  • Rachel DeVries - "Leveraging the EHR to Increase Food Security Screening and Access to Food Resources for Families"
    • Research Sponsors: Diana Cutts (HCMC) and Mike Pitt

Margaret Hostetter Award

  • Erin Plummer - "Preterm Body Composition Accretion through Preschool Age is Associated with Cognition"
    • Research Sponsors: Johannah Scheurer and Sara Ramel


Undergraduate/Graduate Student/Medical Student Category

  • 1st - Zineb Alfath - "Do Adolescent Mental Health Patients Receive a Sexual History or Screening for Sexually Transmitted Infection in the Emergency Department?"
    • Research Sponsor: Kary Schneider
  • 2nd - Neil Hultgren - "Central Blood Pressure Regulation in Relation to Hypertension and Adioposity in Youth"
    • Research Sponsor: Justin Ryder
  • 3rd - Amanda Barks - "Proteomic Analysis of Cord Blood Exosomal Proteins Altered by Fetal Iron Status"
    • Research Sponsor: Phu Tran

Postdoctoral Fellow Category

  • 1st - Chimei Lee - "Sensitivities and Specificities of Social Communication Questionnaire in a Clinic-Referred Sample"
    • Research Sponsors: Amy Esler and Rebekah Hudock
  • 2nd - Jennifer Doty - "Sexual Harrasment Involvement: Connections Matter"
    • Research Sponsor: Iris Borowsky
  • 3rd (tie) - April Wilhelm - "Mental Health in Somali Youth: The Role of Protective Factors in Preventing Depressive Symptoms, Suicidality, and Self-Injury"
    • Research Sponsor: Annie-Laurie McRee
  • 3rd (tie) - Christopher Mehus - "Testing the Social Interaction Learning Model with Adolescent Substance Use Outcomes in a Prospective Australian Sample"
    • Research Sponsor - Barbara McMorris

Resident Category

  • 1st - Rachel Cafferty and Amanda Gillett [40] - "Food for Thought - Resident's Perspectives on Screening for Food Insecurity"
    • Research Sponsors: Mike Pitt and Diana Cutts (HCMC)
  • 2nd - Emma Schempf - "Improving Resident Communication with Vaccine-Hesitant Families Through Stimulation"
    • Research Sponsor: Dawn Martin
  • 3rd (tie) - Stephanie Lauden - "The Wellness Rx: Using a Written Plan for Personal Wellness Abroad"
    • Research Sponsor: Ben Trappey
  • 3rd (tie) - Heidi Moline - "Acute Transverse Myelitis Caused by Echovirus 11 in a 12-year-old Boy"
    • Research Sponsor: Mark Schleiss

Fellow Category

  • 1st (tie) - Danielle Bullock - "Familiarity Vital for Telemedicine Uptake Among Parents of Pediatric Rheumatology Patients"
    • Research Sponsor: Colleen Correll
  • 1st (tie) - Leslie Kummer - "Interpersonal and Structural Determinants of Breastfeeding in the United States"
    • Research Sponsor: Iris Borowsky
  • 1st (tie) - Kar Migally - "Duration of High-Dose Aspirin Therapy does not affect Coronary Artery Outcomes in Kawasaki Disease"
    • Research Sponsor: Bryce Binstadt and Elizabeth Braunlin