Upcoming Development Sessions

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Please mark the following dates on your calendars! Faculty should be excused from clinic and pager duty during the sessions. Please email Dr. Moran at moran001@umn.edu with your ideas and comments so that the program can be developed to be as useful and as meaningful as possible. 

Assistant Professor Meetings

Assistant Professor Meetings

All Assistant Professor meetings are from 12:00 - 4:00pm. Lunch is provided.

November 9th - Wilf Conference Rooms 1 and 2

February 25th - Location TBD

May 7th - Location TBD

Associate Professor Meetings

Associate Professor Meetings

All Associate Professor meetings are from 12:00 - 4:00pm. Lunch is provided. 

October 12th - Wilf Conference Rooms 1 and 2

March 4th - Location TBD

Professor Meeting

Professor Meeting

All Professor meetings are held from 5:00-8:00pm.

October 29th - Dale Shephard Room, Campus Club

PhD Meeting

PhD Meeting

September 26th - Surly Brewing Company from 2:00-4:00pm. 

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Sessions 2018

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Sessions 2018

Accepted! Strategies for Clearing the Common Hurdles in Manuscript Writing
Facilitated by Annie-Laurie McRee, DrPH (General Pediatrics and Adolescent Health) 

Despite our expectations as faculty to publish our work, many of us have never formally been taught how to write an academic paper. In this session we’ll discuss a stepwise approach to manuscript preparation, journal selection, submission, and addressing revisions and share tips with each other to move from blank page to publication.

Tuesday, September 25, 12pm
Wednesday, October 17, 12pm
Thursday, November 15, 12pm

MOC4? That's certifiable! Getting MOC Credit for the Work You're Already Doing
Facilitated by Jordan Marmet, MD (Hospital Medicine)

Whether you're looking to design a Quality Improvement project from the ground up OR to re-frame a project on which you've already begun/completed work, this interactive workshop will help you to navigate the confusing Maintenance of Certification-Part IV process and seek internally approved credit for use with American Board of Pediatrics.

Tuesday, August 21, 12pm
Wednesday, October 24, 12pm
Thursday, December 6, 12pm

Grand Rounds, Invited Lectures, Visiting Professorships, Oh My - Strategies for Developing a National Reputation
Facilitated by Michael Pitt, MD (Hospital Medicine)

One of the most widely used definitions for promotion criteria is the development of a reputation among peers regionally (associate professors) and nationally (professors) as evidenced by invitations to give talks, peer review, serve in leadership positions, etc. Yet despite this expectation, figuring out exactly how to make this happen is often elusive. In this session, one of the most requested topics we’ve received in P2P feedback, we will discuss five proven strategies for developing and maintaining a reputation in your field of expertise.

Wednesday, September 26, 12pm
Thursday, Nocember 1, 12pm
Tuesday, December 4, 12pm

Friends Next Door - Leveraging Community Partnerships in Research, Teaching, Clinical Work, and Advocacy
Facilitated by Peter Scal, MD, MPH (DOGPAH)

Getting involved with community organizations can be useful in several aspects of our work. Whether partnering with disease specific organizations (eg, ADA), parent advocacy groups (PACER), quasi-governmental organizations (Council on DD), or clinical programs (Catholic Charities) creating community relationships takes skills, time and purpose. In this session we’ll discuss strategies for meaningful engagement within the community to strengthen  various aspects of our academic and clinical work and improve the community we live in.

Thursday, September 20, 12pm
Wednesday, October 24, 12pm
Thursday, November 29, 12pm

RSVP to One or More of These Sessions and Receive a Calendar Invite

If you would like to facilitate a P2P Session on a topic of your choosing, or you can recommend someone who should, please email Mike Pitt (mbpitt@umn.edu).  


Drop in Writing Groups

Drop in Writing Groups

Several faculty who have been part of our peer writing group pilot suggested that having a drop in space on each side of campus would be helpful, as finding a quit place to write and blocking off the time on the calendar has proven invaluable. 

Accordingly, we have reserved a room on each bank for drop in writing groups, where we can block off some time to show up periodically and work on getting projects to the next level. 

We have reserved (here is a link to all dates and times) for these drop in writing groups

East Bank (717 Delaware, 370B)
Every other Monday Morning (9-noon) starting October 1
Every other Thursday Afternoon (1-4) starting October 4

West Bank (MB 624 East Building)
Every other Friday from 10-noon


If you'd like a calendar invite so the drop in times are on your calendar (no commitment necessary), please email which day/location you'd prefer to pedsfacdev@umn.edu. For those of us who have been doing peer writing groups, having the time on your calendar certainly helps. 

If we see this resource is being used, we'll start to order coffee/snacks for the sessions. 

Finally, if you'd like to join a dedicated peer writing group where you meet periodically with the same people to move projects along, please indicate so on this survey and we'll work on matchmaking.

For more information