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Assistant Professor Meetings 2017-18

Assistant Professor Meetings 2017-18

All Assistant Professor meeting are from 12:30 - 4:00pm with lunch at 12:

Monday Sept 25

Wednesday Dec 13

Tuesday March 6

Friday May 11

Associate Professor Meetings, 2017-18

Associate Professor Meetings, 2017-18

All Associate Professor meetings are from 12:30 - 4:00pm with lunch at 12:

Friday Nov 10

Wednesday March 7

Professor Meeting, Nov. 9, 2017

Professor Meeting, Nov. 9, 2017

Thursday Nov. 9

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Sessions 2018

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Sessions 2018

Considerations for Phased Retirement; (Or) If I knew retirement was this fun, I'd have done it right after high school  
Facilitated by Michael Resnick, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics (DOGPAH), Public Health, and Nursing

The best wisdom on successful retirement says it's best to retire TO something, not just from something.  And many of us wonder what life will be like at the end of a decades-long career.   U of MN offers a 'phased retirement' option that allows successful transition for oneself and for one's colleagues, but this mechanism has rarely been used by members of the Department of Pediatrics.   In this conversation we'll explore what makes for successful retirement and how a phased retirement can contribute to that success.  (Having retired on September 1, 2017, I will share reflections "thus far" on the process.)  
Wednesday, April 4, 12pm
Thursday, April 12, 12pm

Beyond "Guess What I’m Thinking": Clinical Reasoning for the Medical Educator
Facilitated by Betsy Murray, MD (DOGPAH)

Working with trainees to help them synthesize the information they gather and enhance their clinical reasoning skills is one of the biggest challenges medical educators face. Many of us have forgotten the stepwise diagnostic process we used early in our careers and have trouble deconstructing what is now a practiced and nearly automatic cognitive pattern. Luckily, there is a well-developed science behind the development of clinical reasoning. In this session, we will briefly review this science and discuss concrete techniques and strategies you can use to help learners at every level develop and hone their clinical reasoning.

Thursday, January 4, 1pm
Friday, February 16, 8am
Wednesday, April 25, 9am
Poster Pop!  How to Make a Poster People Want to Look At
Facilitated by Mike Pitt, MD (Hospital Based Medicine)

Manufacturers spend lots of time and money thinking about packaging because it is the forward facing aspect of their product. They could have the greatest product in the world, but it will stay on the shelves if the packaging isn't appealing and doesn't reflect the value of the product. Well, posters are the packaging of our intellectual product! We shouldn't waste all the work that went into a project by falling into the trap that posters should be in a standard template that basically result in an 8x4 foot written abstract. For those who have been to PAS before, you know that walking into a room with literally 1,000 posters, visual appeal matters. Well-designed posters can serve as magnets that pull the wanderers out of the crowd to hear about your project. I feel strongly that using an institutional template and cutting and pasting your abstract into it serves as a repellent! In this session we’ll discuss practical tips for poster design that will help you create posters people want to look at.

Wednesday, January 10, 12 pm
Tuesday, February 6, 12 pm
Monday March 12, 1 pm
More than Just Mail and Search: 5 tips for mastering Google Applications
Amy Gaug (Senior Residency Program Administrator)

Google applications (forms, docs, groups, sites, and more) can help you streamline project collaboration, easily implement surveys, create simple websites to house research project information, and disseminate polished communications. In this session, Amy Gaug, the senior residency program administrator, will walk you through tricks of the trade to help you make the most of Google.

Thursday, January 11,  9 AM
Wednesday, February 7,  12 PM
Monday, March 5,  1 PM 

Retrospective Case Series: Navigating IRB, Stats, Research Assistants, and More
Facilitated by Jeff Louie, MD (Emergency Medicine)

We should write that up? How many times have you said this to a learner or colleague only to have the planned case report or series never come to fruition. Well, fizzle no more, because in this session you’ll learn how to navigate the process of developing case series through Epic, including what IRB forms to complete, what statistics are commonly used, and how to find a research assistant for ZERO dollars!

Thursday, February 15, 12 pm
Tuesday, April 17, 12 pm
Monday, June 4, 12 pm 

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Julie Ross Faculty Recognition Event, Feb. 12, 2018

Julie Ross Faculty Recognition Event, Feb. 12, 2018