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Diversity in Medicine

Enhancing Pediatric Workforce Diversity and Providing Culturally Effective Pediatric Care: Implications for Practice, Education, and Policy Making
Pediatrics Oct 2013, 132 (4) e1105-e1116; DOI: 10.1542/peds.2013-2268

Assessing the Evolving Definition of Underrepresented Minority and its Application in Academic Medicine 
Kathleen Raquel Page, MD, Laura Castillo-Page, PhD, Norma Poll-Hunter, PhD, Gwen Garrison, PhD, and Scott M. Wright, MD. 
Acad Med. 2013;88:67-72. DOI: 10.1097/ACM.0b013e318276466c

Speaker Introductions at Internal Medicine Grand Rounds: Forms of Address Reveal Gender Bias
Julia A. Files, MD, Anita P. Mayer, MD, Marcia G. Ko, MD, Patricia Friedrich, PhD, Marjorie Jenkins, MD, Michael J. Bryan, MD,et al. 
Journal of Women's Health 2017;00:1-7.  DOI: 10.1089/jwh.2016.6044

Healthcare Disparities

Racial/Ethnic Differences in Survival of United States Children with Birth Defects: A Population-Based Study
Wang, Ying et al.
The Journal of Pediatrics , Volume 166 , Issue 4 , 819 - 826.e2

Racial Disparities in Failure-to-Rescue among Children Undergoing Congenital Heart Surgery
Chan, Titus et al.
The Journal of Pediatrics , Volume 166 , Issue 4 , 812 - 818.e4

Dead Wrong: The Growing List of Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Childhood Mortality
Flores, GlennEscala, Michelle K. et al.
The Journal of Pediatrics , Volume 166 , Issue 4 , 790 - 793

Diversity Training

Fernando S. Mendoza, Leslie R. Walker, Barbara J. Stoll, Elena Fuentes-Afflick, Joseph W. St Geme, Tina L. Cheng, Javier A. Gonzalez del Rey, Christopher E.Harris, Mary E. Rimsza, Jie Li, Theodore C. Sectish
Pediatrics Apr 2015, 135 (4) 707-713; DOI: 10.1542/peds.2014-1653
Gregg A. Duncan, Angelia Lockett, Leah R. Villegas, Sharilyn Almodovar, Jose L. Gomez, Sonia C. Flores, et al.
Ann Am Thorac Soc Vol 13, No 4, pp 562–567, Apr 2016. Copyright © 2016 by the American Thoracic Society. DOI: 10.1513/AnnalsATS.201509-624OT

Diversity in American Culture

Making America White Again
Toni Morrison.  
The New Yorker. 21 Nov 2016.

Diversity in Organizations

Why Diversity Programs Fail
Frank Dobbin, Alexandra Kalev.  
The Harvard Business Review. July-Aug 2016:1-10. 
Designing a Bias-Free Organization
An Interview with Iris Bohnet by Gardiner Morse.
The Harvard Business Review.  July-Aug 2016:3-7.
We Just Can't Handle Diversity
Lisa Burrell. 
The Harvard Business Review. July-Aug 2016:3-6.