Curriculum Design: LIC

children and chalk

The design of the LIC (longitudinal integrated clerkship) seeks to maximize continuity of patient care, curriculum, and supervision through three basic elements: continuity experiences with faculty representing the core clerkship disciplines; a strategically built patient panel; and flexible time for the students to follow panel patients into various medical environments.  

For 40 percent of their time, students will be assigned to specific faculty for half-day sessions every other week in pediatric emergency medicine, family medicine, internal medicine, ob/gyn, neurology, child psychiatry, and pediatric surgery. Students will begin their weekly continuity clinic in pediatrics at Fairview University Children’s Clinic.

The students will spend an additional 40 percent of their time engaging with their patient panel in various settings, completing required curricular elements and attending scheduled Practice Meetings.

Finally, the students will have 20 percent of their time protected to pursue independent activities meant to develop their knowledge base and prepare for written examinations. This will be spent in independent study using a host of online learning tools, including the MedU online curricula for pediatrics, internal medicine, surgery, family medicine, and radiology (, as well as clerkship-specific online materials.