Prospective Adjunct and Affiliate Faculty

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Co-Chairs of the Adjunct Faculty Committee

The Adjunct Committee is governed by a diverse group of active adjunct faculty members, co-chaired by Dr. Jordan Marmet and Dr. Vicki Oster.

Dr. Vicki Oster and Dr. Jordan Marmet

Dr. Vicki Oster and Dr. Jordan Marmet
Co-Chairs, Adjunct Faculty Committee

Chair of the Academic Clinician Tracks Committee

Headshot of Dr. Michelle Rheault

Dr. Michelle Rheault
Chair, Academic Clinician Tracks Committee

Adjunct Faculty

The Department of Pediatrics has about 125 active adjunct faculty who volunteer their time to teach 115 Pediatric and Medicine/Pediatric residents and over 800 medical students. This teaching occurs in a wide variety of clinical settings ranging from urban, suburban and rural offices to large teaching hospitals. The teaching experiences include Essentials of Clinical Medicine, a series of weekly half-day pediatric outpatient experiences where second year students get their first hands-on experience working with children and their families; Primary Care Selective, where a third- or fourth-year student spends 29 half-days over the course of four weeks with a preceptor seeing patients; and the Resident Continuity Clinic, where residents spend a half-day each week for three to four years seeing patients. During the first year of Continuity Clinic, the resident will spend almost two months full-time in the preceptor’s office. Urban/rural student and resident electives allow senior residents opportunities to get more exposure to these practice settings for one month at a time.

Affiliate Faculty

The Department of Pediatrics has over 50 affiliate faculty who are actively involved in teaching our medical students, residents, and fellows who rotate to hospitals. Affiliate faculty whose primary activity is clinical care will normally be on the clinical scholar track or the teaching track, where it is recognized that their achievements may be more collaborative than individual. Teaching activities may occur in a variety of educational settings and formats, including didactic presentations, lectures, seminars, conferences, tutorials, advising/mentoring, case discussions, grand rounds, hospital and clinic rounds, patient/community education or continuing medical education. The main focus of affiliate faculty on the teaching track is clinical care, with teaching of medical students and/or residents occurring primarily in the context of patient-related activities.

Adjunct or Affiliate?

Confusion often exists about what constitutes an adjunct or an affiliate faculty member.  The major determination of whether a faculty member will have adjunct or affiliate status is based on employment status at an affiliate hospital and programmatic collaboration between the applying physician and the regular faculty at the University of Minnesota.  Such collaborations may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Close working relationship between the adjunct/affiliate faculty member and regular faculty at the University of Minnesota Medical School in coverage of clinics
  • Shared night call coverage
  • Attending responsibilities at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital (UMMCH)
  • Participation in research projects
  • Participation in fellowship programs

Adjunct faculty are primarily clinicians who work in clinics in the community or another medical setting.  Adjunct faculty status should meet the needs of most providers who are not regular faculty and who seek an appointment in the Department of Pediatrics.  Adjunct faculty members are promoted on different criteria from affiliate/regular faculty in view or their focus on patient care and education.  Most adjunct faculty are in a private practice setting.

Affiliate faculty are those who provide teaching opportunities in hospitals directly affiliated with the University of Minnesota, including University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital (UMMCH), Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC), Children's Minnesota (St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses), and Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare.  Many, but not all, affiliate faculty are employed by affiliated hospitals.  Appointment and promotion of affiliate faculty requires the appropriate division director's approval and support.  Affiliate faculty members are promoted in a similar fashion to regular faculty, including review by the Promotion and Tenure Committee within the Department of Pediatrics.  They are on either the Academic Track or the Master Clinician Track.

How do we determine adjunct or affiliate status?

Decisions regarding adjunct versus affiliate status will be determined by the Adjunct Faculty Committee in conjunction with the appropriate division director within the Department of Pediatrics. Others who may be involved in assisting with such determinations include a member of the Academic Clinician Tracks Committee and the Promotions Committee.

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