Division of Neonatology


Providing innovative care, conducting research, and teaching skills to recognize and treat medical problems of the neonate

The Division of Neonatology participates fully in the Department of Pediatrics mission, focusing its attention through patient care, teaching and research on medical problems that arise during infancy and the sequelae of neonatal diseases that persist into later life.

Clinical Care


For members of the division, a desire to care for critically ill infants was a principal reason for entering a career in neonatal medicine. Continued interaction with patients and their families remains a major avenue of intellectual and emotional fulfillment for all of us.  

The mission of this division is to provide clinical care to a sufficient number of infants to accomplish its research and educational goals. In addition, the Division seeks to be a resource for other newborn intensive care units by providing innovative care for infants with multiorgan system failure, complex diagnostic and surgical problems, and long-term, technology-dependent conditions.


Conducting basic and clinical research in the field of neonatal medicine is the primary mission of this division. Newborn intensive care is a relatively new pediatric discipline. Although advancement of medical knowledge in this field has been rapid, anecdotal experience is often the factor that determines the type of therapy provided to our patients rather than data from well-executed clinical or basic studies.  


We prepare Neonatology fellows for careers in academic neonatology. This includes training in research design, collection and analysis of data, and manuscript and grant writing during two of the three years of the fellowship program.