Dr. Kroupina presents at the University of Minnesota's Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds on January 21, 2015.

Continuing medical education coursework is being developed to introduce pediatricians and medical specialists working with 0-3 patients to early childhood mental health and development.  The course is expected to be available online for pediatricians and medical specialists in fall 2015.  For questions, contact program coordinator Molly McCoy at

Past Events

Toxic Stress and the Impact on the Developing Brain: Informing pediatric practice, assessment and evidence-based interventions.

The Birth to Three Clinic in the Department of Pediatrics is hosting an event to introduce attendees to the impact of toxic stress on the developing brain. Children who have experienced toxic stress arising from medical trauma, absence of sensitive/supportive parenting, and multiple transitions early in life can have negative mental health and physical outcomes as a result of these early experiences. Research tells us that early intervention is best, and there is an emerging field of evidence-based interventions that support optimal social, emotional and cognitive development for this population. We will talk about identification of at-risk children and evidence based interventions with children from birth to three years of age. A major goal is to develop an informed practice based on research in early brain development and toxic stress.

Speakers included:
Maria Kroupina, Director of the Birth to Three Clinic
Jane Ellison, State Trainer for Trauma Informed Child-Parent Psychotherapy (TI CPP)
Kathryn Elison, Psychotherapist in the Birth to Three Clinic

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Birth to Three: Impact of Early Adversity on Brain Development

"Birth to Three: Impact of Early Adversity on Brain and Development..." by Dr. Maria Kroupina