Clinical Program

Adoption Medicine Clinic

Dr. Cindy Howard examines a little girl

The Adoption Medicine Clinic (AMC) is a global leader in research and in meeting theunique medical and developmental needs of children with a history of institutional care, abuse and neglect. We specialize in understanding the negative effects of early adversity and we provide effective interventions to improve children’s physical and mental health.

We are a valued resource for families who are considering adoption and a trusted partner for those who have welcomed an adoptive child into their family or care for children in foster care.

Our expertise in orphan research, teaching and advocacy guides the way we tailor clinical care to meet the evolving needs of the children we serve. Through large-scale clinical studies, our providers have published pioneering research on the health care needs of children who were found to have unique physical and therapeutic needs due to lack of permanency, institutional care, abuse and neglect. Our treatment programs have improved the lives of numerous children and their families in Minnesota and beyond

Our mission is to be a resource and advocate for children who are adopted, in foster-care and those remaining in institutional care around the world.

Birth to Three Clinic and Early Childhood Mental Health Program

Dr. Kroupina with patients

The Birth to Three Early Mental Health Program directed by Dr. Maria Kroupina pairs families and children with specialized mental health providers to ensure children grow up in a healthy, supportive environment. Children who have experienced toxic stress arising from medical trauma, absence of sensitive/supportive parenting, and multiple transitions early in life can have negative mental health and physical outcomes as a result of these early experiences. Research tells us that early intervention is best, and there is an emerging field of evidence-based interventions that support optimal social, emotional and cognitive development for this population.  The Birth to Three clinic provides evaluation and therapy based on evidence-based research to young children, who have experienced toxic stress from adverse circumstances in the United States or elsewhere.