School Climate Research

Research at the Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Health is characterized by a focus on how systems, communities, policies and programs can best support the healthy development of young people.

School Climate Insights

Recognizing the importance of a school’s climate on student outcomes, Drs. Eisenberg and Gower analyze Minnesota Student Survey data to illuminate the factors that create a positive or negative environment. With an eye towards support health and academic success they also investigate interplay between climate and student outcomes.

Funded by the Clinical Translational Science Institute (CTSI), the University of Minnesota collaborated with the Minnesota Department of Education’s School Safety Technical Assistance Center to translate their research findings for school districts strategically focused on improving school climate.

Climate Insights Information Campaign

To promote the availability of Minnesota student data and increase attention to school climate issues, the team developed an informational series and distributed it to Minnesota’s education community.

Fact Sheets

Climate Insight #1: Safety
Climate Insight #2: Internal Assets
Climate Insight #3: Discipline Experiences 
Climate Insight #4: Educational Engagement
Climate Insight #5: Teacher Connections

Climate Insights School District Reports

More than ever, Minnesota schools see the connection between their climate and student outcomes. With the support and resources of the Minnesota Department of Education’s School Safety Technical Assistance Center* school districts are actively engaged in planning school climate improvement initiatives. To inform their planning, the University of Minnesota’s School Climate research team will create a customized Climate Insight report for any school district that authorizes the use of their MSS data. With principal/school district superintendent authorization, the team will provide a report that compares the school district’s scores to Minnesota averages. It will include:

• Climate Indicators - Internal assets, safety, disciplinary experiences, teacher connection
• Student outcomes – MCA math/reading standards met
• Student behaviors – Absenteeism, bullying

If you are interested in learning more about the project, school climate – or to order a report for your school district, contact us at