Sexual Health Training


Sexual Health Training 

Jill Farris, MPHJill Farris, MPH, is the Director of Sexual Health Training and Education at the Healthy Youth Development*Prevention Research Center.  With more than a decade of experience providing training and professional development, along with being certified in more than a dozen evidence-based programs, Farris is a sought after consultant, educator, and trainer.  She is also well versed in providing capacity-building assistance to professionals who are implementing evidence-based practices and working with youth in a variety of settings - clinics, schools, foster care, juvenile justice, faith communities, and more.  Farris is regarded as a national expert on fidelity, adaptation, and implementation of evidence-based sexual health programs for youth. 

Evidence-based Intervention (EBI) Training

Be Proud Be Responsible
Becoming a Responsible Teen (BART)
Making a Difference
Making Proud Choices
Prime Time
Promoting Health Among Teens - Abstinence-only
Promoting Health Among Teens - Comprehensive
Reducing the Risk
Safer Choices
Safer Sex Intervention
Seventeen Days
SHARP (Sexual Health and Adolescent Risk Behavior)
Teen Outreach Program

Evidence-informed Intervention Training

FLASH (Family Life and Sexual Health) Training of Educators (TOE)
3Rs - Rights, Respect, Responsibility: A K-12 Sexuality Education Curriculum

Capacity Building Training



To connect with Jill Farris regarding potential training and capacity-building opportunties, please contact her at or 612-626-7952.