Interdisciplinary Fellowship Training

Our division is home to Interdisciplinary Fellowship Programs that bring together a cadre of learners who lend their disciplinary perspective to the intensive shared fellowship experience. Several funding sources support the programs and also provide a range of fellowship focus options.  

Congratulations to our fellows who have recently presented their research



Several of our interdisciplinary fellows presented posters at the 2019 Pediatric Research, Education and Scholarship Symposium

  • Pooja Brar, Adolescent condoms and pleasure beliefs in association with sexual self-efficacy
  • Leslie Kummer, Lactation curricula in U.S. medical education programs: A systematic review
  • Katy Miller,  The intersection of family acceptance and religion on the mental health of LGBTQ youth
  • Janna Gewirtz O'Brien, Running the Risk: A comparison of mental health outcomes among runaway, homeless and stably housed youth
  • Mike Parks, Adverse childhood experiences and youth cigarette use in 2013 and 2016: Emerging disparities in the context of declining smoking rates
  • Molly Sajaday, More than just a nice view: Are fewer impervious surfaces surrounding schools associated with improved student adjustment?

Fellowship Presentations at the Society for Prevention Research Annual Meeting, May 2019

PDF icon SAHM Annual Meeting, April 2019

PDF icon Annual Research Day, July 2018

SAHM Annual Meeting, March 2018

Annual Research Day, July 2017 

Society for Prevention Research, May-June 2017

SAHM Annual Meeting, March 2017

Fellows, faculty, and staff present their works in progress

PDF icon Works in Progress: Kara Beckman & Katie Querna, December 6, 2019

PDF icon Works in Progress: Janna Gewirtz O'Brien, Nimi Singh, & Alex Prince, November 1, 2019

Previous years' works in progress presentations

PDF icon Works in Progress 2018-2019

PDF iconWorks in Progress 2017-2018

PDF icon Works in Progress 2016-2017