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Report: Minnesota teen pregnancy rates at historic lows, featuring Jill Farris, June 2017

Teen births down in Minnesota, but sexually transmitted diseases up, featuring Jill Farris, June 2017

What happens to kids whose parents are incarcerated, featuring Rebecca Shlafer, April 2017

Beverages Shown on TV Shows May Adversely Impact Youth Healthfeaturing Marla Eisenberg, February 2017

Expert Perspective: 1-in-4 U.S. men has HPV strains linked to cancerfeaturing Annie-Laurie McRee, January 2017

Strong provider recommendation can make significant difference in HPV vaccination rates. Annie-Laurie McRee discussed her research for Health Talk. August 25, 2016.

Shackles off: Care for Minnesota's pregnant inmates is improving, featuring Rebecca Shlafer. August 13, 2016.
New initiative to help children and parents deal with incarceration. Laurel Davis appeared on WCCO Radio, May 15, 2016.
Washington County jail leads Minnesota in it's help for visiting kids, research by Rebecca Shlafer and Laurel Davis led Washington County jail to implement changes that will soften the shock for visiting children. March 2016.

Pregnant, in prison and facing health risks: prenatal care for incarcerated women. The Conversation. featuring Rebecca Shlafer, February 2016.

Good Question: What do healthy bodies look like? WCCO, featuring Dr. Michele Strachan. January 28th, 2016.

Children of the penal system learn hope on the dance floor, featuring Rebecca Shlafer, June 2015
Rebecca Shlafer comments on the associated outcomes of children with incarcerated parents.

The successes of the Minnesota Prison Doula Project, featuring Rebecca Shlafer, April 2015
Dr. Shlafer discusses the success of the project, which started five years ago.

Adrian Peterson case brings corporal punishment back into the spotlight, featuring Iris Borowsky, September 2014
Borowsky comments on why people continue to defend the use of corporal punishment

Kids exposed to more fat shaming comments on TV than adults, featuring Marla Eisenberg, September 2014
A new study reveals television aimed at kids contains just as many, if not more, weight-stigmatizing, or fat shaming, conversations

State takes a gentler approach to pregnant women behind bars, featuring Rebecca Shlafer, August 2014
Minnesota now bans the use of restraints while inmates are giving birth, and guarantees birthing coaches during delivery.

Calm Hearts, Bad Behavior, featuring Amy Gower, August 2014
Scientists find that a low resting heart rate may be linked to bad behavior.

Gay Teen Boys More Likely to Use Muscle-Building Steroids: Survey, featuring Marla Eisenberg, February 2014
They're also reporting heavier use, possibly putting themselves at risk for harmful side effects.

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Michael Resnick: A legacy in adolescent health leadership

The Division is proud to celebrate the retirement of Michael Resnick, adolescent health researcher, champion and advocate. Michael’s leadership has changed the adolescent health landscape in Minnesota and around the world through his role as:

  • Professor of Pediatrics, Nursing, and Public Health;
  • The Gisela and E. Paul Konopka Chair in Adolescent Health and Development;
  • The Director of the Leadership Education in Adolescent Health program
  • Director of the Healthy Youth Development * Prevention Research Center

Learn more about Michael’s work and impact here.