Services Available through the Autism and Neurodevelopment Clinic

Systematic, evidence-based diagnostic evaluation:

  • Compilation and review of existing medical and school records
  • Parent and school questionnaires and standardized parent interviews and rating scales to get a better understanding of past and current symptoms
  • Cognitive (IQ), developmental, adaptive functioning, behavioral, fine-motor and speech/language testing as needed
  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) testing: an interactive structured behavioral observation of social and communicative behavior and play to aid in the accurate diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder
  • A family interview to explore the impact that the child's behavior has on the family and the family factors influencing the child's functioning
  • A medical/neurologic and neurodevelopmental examination including extensive medical and developmental histories
  • Genetic, laboratory and neuro-imaging referrals as needed
  • A summary conference with parents to review these findings
  • Consultations with the other disciplines as needed

Other available services through the Autism and Neurodevelopment Clinic:

  • Support in finding appropriate treatment programs
  • Medication consultation and medical services around autism-related needs (including ADHD, other developmental and behavioral problems and seizure disorders)
  • Individual follow up by developmental behavioral pediatrician or psychologist/neuropsychologist as indicated
  • Social Skills and Therapy Groups

In addition to general clinical services, patients may also have the opportunity to participate in cutting edge research trials.