Sarah Cusick, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Sarah Cusick

Contact Info

Office Phone 612-625-2272

Office Address:
Global Pediatrics
University of Minnesota
Room 365
717 Delaware St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Mailing Address:
Global Pediatrics
Mail Code 1932
717 Delaware St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Faculty Member, Division of Global Pediatrics

Faculty Member, Center for Neurobehavioral Development

Instructor, School of Public Health

PhD, Human Nutrition and International Health, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD

Fellow/Micronutrient Specialist, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity International Micronutrient Malnutrition Prevention and Control Program (IMMPaCt)


Awards & Recognition

  • International Collaborative Award for Research, International Pediatric Research Foundation (2014)
  • Teaching Recognition, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health (2013)
  • Vikings Grant-In-Aid recipient, University of Minnesota Department of Pediatrics (2013)
  • KL2 Scholar, Clinical and Translational Science Institute, University of Minnesota (2011)
  • Dannon Institute Nutrition Leadership Institute (2005)
  • Delta Omega Public Health Honor Society (2005)
  • Finalist, American Society for Clinical Nutrition Young Investigator Award (2004)


Research Summary/Interests

Research Interests

Dr. Cusick’s research focuses on international maternal and child nutrition, the interaction between nutritional deficiencies and infectious disease, and the effect of these interactions on child health and long-term cognitive development.

Research Projects

Currently funded research include several NIH-funded studies: one on the effect of acute vs. delayed iron therapy in severe malaria on anemia, iron status, and neurobehavioral development in Ugandan children (PI: Chandy John, M.D.) and an investigation of red blood cell iron incorporation in severe malaria.


Journal Articles

  • Cusick SE, Kuch AE. Determinants of Undernutrition and Overnutrition Among Adolescents in Developing Countries. Adolescent Medicine State of the Art Reviews. 2012;23(3):440-56.
  • Wachs TD, Georgieff MK, Cusick SE, McEwen B. Issues in the timing of integrated early interventions: contributions from nutrition, neuroscience and psychological research. Ann NY Acad Sci. 2013 Dec 19. doi: 10.1111/nyas.12314. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Cusick SE, Georgieff MK. Nutrient supplementation and neurodevelopment: Timing is the key. Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. 2012:166(5):481-2.
  • Cusick SE, Kuch AE. Determinants of Under- and Over-Nutrition Among Adolescents in Low-Income Countries. Adolescent Medicine State of the Art Reviews. In press.
  • Zuguo Mei, Mary E. Cogswell, Anne C. Looker, Christine M. Pfeiffer, Sarah E. Cusick, David A. Lacher, Laurence M. Grummer-Strawn. Assessment of iron status in US pregnant women from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999-2006. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2011: Mar 23 (Epub ahead of print).
  • Cusick SE, Mei Z, Freedman DS, Looker AC, Ogden CL, Gunter E, Cogswell ME. Unexplained decline in the prevalence of anemia among U.S. children and women between 1988-1994 and 1999-2002. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2008;88:1611-1617.
  • Cusick SE, Looker AC, Cogswell ME, Pfeiffer CM, Grummer-Strawn L. Iron-status indicators. Pediatrics. 2008;121:651-2.
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  • Cusick SE, Tielsch JM, Ramsan M, Khatib J, Black R, Sazawal S, Stoltzfus RJ. Short-term effects of vitamin A and antimalarial treatment on erythropoiesis in severely anemic Zanzibari preschool children. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2005;82:406-12.

Book Chapters

  • Freedman DS, Ogden CL, Cusick SE. The measurement and epidemiology of childhood obesity. In: Global Perspective on Childhood Obesity: Current Status, Consequences and Prevention. Edited by Bagchi D. Elsevier/Academic Press. 2010:31-42.