Massimo Griselli, MD MS FRCS

Chief of Division of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery,

Massimo Griselli

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Office Phone 612-625-2646

Fax 612-626-8228

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Danielle Arndt

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Chief of Division of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

MD, University of Perugia, 1989

Fellowship, Royal College of Surgeons of England and Ireland (FRCS), June 1994

MS, Surgery, Imperial College, University of London, 2003



Research Summary/Interests

My main interest is the interaction between mechanical devices and univentricular circulation.I have developed this interest following the success of mechanical assist device application in congenital heart disease with two-ventricule circulation and the inability we encountered to achieve comparable results in patients with uni-ventricular circulation in a long-term fashion.. I have then established a research group which involves the Politecnico of Milan (Prof. ML Costantino) and University of Sheffield Department of Fluid Dynamics (Prof R. Hose) for developing a model of ventricular assist device in single ventricle physiology. The approach to the problem is different amongst the two places: in Milan we have been developing in-vitro model starting from the cavo-pulmonary circulation as initial model using a pulsatile pump (Berlin Heart Excore). In Sheffield we are working on the mathematical model of total cavo-pulmonary circulation, assisted and not-assisted by a mechanical cardiac support, either pulsatile or non-pulsatile.