Global Pediatrics


Global pediatrics

The first pediatric division dedicated to global child health in the nation.

Our Mission

To improve the health and development of the world’s most vulnerable children in partnership with health professionals at home and abroad helping all kids achieve their full potential.

Mental Health Clinical Program

doctor and patient

Birth to Three Mental Health Clinical Program: For children with adversity and toxic stress

A portion of our research focuses on the neurodevelopment of children who experienced early life adversity, such as institutional care, abuse, war or other types of trauma. Child psychologist, Maria Kroupina, Ph.D., studies questions of how we can best identify and treat these children when they are young, so they can live full lives.


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All the research, advocacy and clinical efforts in Global Pediatrics are trained on the improvement of health for children living in or coming from low-resource areas of the world. We learn from our partners abroad. Here, Dr. Robert Opoka, Senior Lecturer, makes rounds at Mulago Hospital in Kampala, Uganda.